If you are full of ideas, want to develop new approaches and create innovations, we can work with you to find the right support and get you talking to like-minded people.

    Creative people come up with new, useful ideas in the world all the time. Products, works and services originating from the creative industries can advance entire industries. Positive effects expand to other economic sectors and many social fields. We want to support this quality of the creative industries as a driver of innovation and cross-sectional industry, from which the economy and society as a whole benefit, and make it more publicly visible. In our Innovation unit, we promote innovative start-ups and cross-industry work by young and established companies in the creative industries.

    Innovative Start-ups in the Music Industry

    Our Music WorX Accelerator programme promotes innovative start-ups with a digital business model in the music industry.

    Cross Innovation with the Creative Industries

    We regularly implement new offers in our Cross Innovation Hub that help promote cooperation between creative and other economic sectors.

    Jenny Kornmacher


    Jenny Kornmacher

    Project Manager Cross Innovation Hub

    T+49 – 40 – 879 7986 21
    alle Termine

    Innovationsförderung in Hamburg

    Innovationsstarter GmbH

    Die IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH, eine 100-prozentige Tochtergesellschaft der IFB Hamburg, fördert innovative Startups und junge, technologieorientierte Unternehmen. 

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    Startup Dock

    Das Startup Dock der Technischen Universität Hamburg (TUHH) qualifiziert und fördert Gründer/innen an Hamburger Hochschulen.

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    IKS Hamburg

    Die Innovations Kontakt Stelle (IKS) Hamburg verbessert die Kommunikation zwischen Unternehmen und wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen in Hamburg.

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    Hamburg Innovation GmbH

    Hamburg Innovation (HI) agiert als Wissens– und Technologie–Transfereinrichtung als Schnittstelle zwischen Hochschulen, Unternehmen und öffentlicher Hand. 

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    Startup-Unit Hamburg

    Die Startup-Unit von Hamburg Invest stärkt und repräsentiert das Hamburger Startup-Ökosystem auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene.

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