You bear responsibility and think about the future. We promote new business ideas, creative young talent and cross-sectoral partnerships.

Over the years, we have built up a close-knit network in a fluid and adaptable sector of the economy with practical offers for Hamburg’s creative minds. This network offers relevant points of contact for companies of different industries and sizes. We see ourselves as mediators when you are specifically looking to make contacts to movers and shakers in business or also to urban partners in the cultural and creative industries. Make an appointment with our managing director Egbert Rühl to clarify the individual requirements for your company in a personal consultation session.

Offers for Start-ups

We support young start-ups who are looking to advance the music industry in the digital age with their approaches with our Music WorX Accelerator programme. Through our pool of coaches and experts, we bring together small companies already established in the creative industries with experienced coaches who accompany the business development process. In our workshops on business qualifications, you will work together with selected experts in Hamburg on specific issues that arise in the various phases of your professional life, from founding a business and begging your career to setting up and expanding your own business, right through to growth and developing innovation.

Gaining Employer’s Attention

In our short visits series, media houses, agencies, theatres, game developers and organisers can network as potential employers with young creative people – students and young professionals. In our portfolio consulting, creative movers and shakers from agencies, publishing houses and companies become personal advisers for the creative new generation: In a one-on-one interview, they explain to students, vocational school students and graduates of creative courses of study what is important when putting together their portfolio for an application.

Office Space Searches and Offers

Are you looking for new space for your company or do you have a space you would like to let? As a prospective tenant, our real estate database offers you a comprehensive range of offices, storage areas, studios and rehearsal rooms available for temporary or long-term occupancy. As a property owner or manager, you can enter properties into our database yourself. You will also find detailed information on our own rental and development properties, which are available for various uses, on our website.

Cross-Sectoral Work

There are worthwhile points of contact even for companies which are not situated in the eleven submarkets of the creative industries: In our Cross Innovation Hub we promote cross-sectoral exchange of creative and other industries. This results in interfaces to companies from industry, trade and the service sector, looking to tap new innovation potential in cooperation with creative professionals.

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Egbert Rühl


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